Warranty Information

Below is a list of the standard warranty periods for the products supplied by DED.

ManufacturerRangeWarranty PeriodNotes
AxiohmMechanisms & interface1 year
AxiohmKiosk printers18 months
BixolonEPOS printers2 years
BixolonSRP-350PlusIII & SRP-352PlusIII4 years
BixolonMobile printers2 years
BixolonLabel printers2 yearsIncludes printhead
Cipherlab1661, CPT-8000, CPT-8300, CP55 & 9700 series1 year
Cipherlab1070, 116, 1266 & 1560 series3 years
Cipherlab1000 & 1500 series5 years
DatacardSD & SR series30 months
DatacardSP series2 years
DEDOwn manufactured products2 years
Ergonomic SolutionsSpacePole5 years
Ergonomic SolutionsSpacePole Light2 years
EvolisBadgy & Quantum1 yearExtensions available here
EvolisZenius & Securion2 yearsExtensions available here
EvolisPrimacy & Avansia3 yearsExtensions available here
Honeywell8650, Dolphin, Captuvo SL22, ScanPal 5100 ,Techtron & Thor CV31/VM1/VM2/VX9 1 year
HoneywellGenesis 7580g, Stratos 2400/2700, Solaris 7820 & Vuquest3310g2 years
HoneywellVoyager 1202g/3800g/3820/3800i/3820i, Eclipse MK5145, Fusion MK3780, Granit 1280i/1910i/1911i, Horizon7625, Orbit 7120/7180, QuantumT 3580, Stratos H2300 & Xenon 1902g/1902h3 years
HoneywellVoyager MK9520/9540/1200g/1250g/1400g/GS9590, Hyperion 1300g & Xenon 1900g/1900h5 years
International Cash DrawerAll products1 year
iZettleiZettle reader1 year
PaylevenPayleven reader1 year
PayPalPayPal Here1 year
Nippon PrimexAll products1 year
PosiflexAll products3 years
SbarcoAll products2 years
Socket MobileAll products1 year
StarEPOS printers4 years
StarMobile printers2 years1 year on printers sold prior to 1st May 2015. Battery 1 year on all models
StarPSUs, cash drawers, displays & accessories1 year
StarKiosk printers2 years
StarAssuraCPRNT2 years
StarVisual card1 year
TyssoAll products2 years
ZebraCard Printers2 years


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