Badgy 200

The Evolis Badgy 200 provides a complete, turnkey solution for PC or Mac, consisting of a plastic card printer, the Evolis Badge Studio card personalisation software and a pack of consumables (colour ribbon and blank plastic cards) for 100 prints. In addition, a free card template library is available at, where templates of your choice can be personalised by adding text, logos, photos, barcodes and more.

Badgy 200 allows professional quality, edge-to-edge cards to be printed instantly and completely independently as they are required - as single cards or in small batches. With an output of 95 colour cards per hour, Badgy 200 provides the flexibility of allowing data to be imported from a database, adding information to card designs in a single click and then launching a print run with just one command. The Badgy 200 is installed and used like a standard office printer, with ribbons that are easy to install and automatically recognised. Cards are loaded into the feeder and then retrieved from the output hopper after printing, both are located on the front of the printer. With the Badgy Premium Suite software, the printer can easily be controlled from a computer by receiving notifications.

The Badgy 200 printer is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, which means it can fit easily into any workspace. Thanks to its light weight (just 1.7 kg) and its carrying bag (sold separately), the Badgy can easily be transported.


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