CHS Series 7 Cordlesss Scanner

A brightly coloured scanner which has been designed to fit in the hand comfortably being as it is lightweight and possess a longstanding battery for use in a full work shift.

This has guaranteed compatibility for Apple and iOS devices, together with robust Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity for long range cordless freedom.

It is protected against potential harmful microbes via antimicrobial material which is ideal for usage in hygiene sensitive environments such as the healthcare sector and food service industry as well as retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and much more.

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Tue, May 23

A desirably small printer which delivers BIG

Fri, May 19

Compact and inclusive of everything required to start printing

Wed, May 17

Rugged and reliable for the harshest of environments

Mon, May 15

A new era for POS

Fri, May 12

Print to the new Star TSP143III USB from an iPad or iPhone

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