It's All About The Base

You have a perfectly decorated store, warm and inviting, with an elegantly designed Posiflex POS terminal sitting on the counter that blends beautifully with the environment that you have so carefully created for your customers. Just one problem, the cables and the power adaptors from the terminal and the peripherals are cluttering the counter which destroys the whole store experience!

The Posiflex GEN8E foldable base is the solution to this problem. The patented GEN8E foldable base is specifically designed for the popular Posiflex XT series 15" and 17" terminals. It integrates the system power adaptor, UPS battery (Posiflex own proprietary technology) and PoweredUSB ports (1 x 24V + 3 x 12V) into the base stand. Other than the obvious benefits offered by the internal system for cable management, the presence of the Powered USB ports allow USB peripherals such as a printer, weigh scale, scanner…etc. to be powered by the PoweredUSB ports using only one PoweredUSB cable for each device, thus eradicating the need for power adaptors and associated cables which make the counter space look messy.

The Posiflex GEN8E foldable base also allows the terminal to be configured in different ways. “Flat Folded Mode” for saving the shipping packaging volume and cost; “Low Profile Mode” to allow greater interaction between store associates and the customers; and the “Full Extended Mode” for the traditional look and feel. All this can be achieved with a simple pull of the hidden lever. This one terminal/multi-configuration concept made possible by the GEN8E base provides unmatched flexibility to store owner and system integrator alike.


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