New ZXP3 Security Ribbons

Zebra has announced 2 new ribbons for the ZXP 3 series of plastic card printers:

YMCKOO (DuraSecure) as an alternative to lamination for security applications and WrKr (White / Black) as a 'smarter' ribbon for the financial market.

The YMCKOO DuraScure ribbon is unique to the market in that it adds a second overlay panel to the standard YMCKO ribbon. Offering added durability without the additional cost of lamination or an overlay varnish, customers can get up to 50% more durability compared to a standard colour ribbon. This feature offers added security without the hassle of holograms or other watermark solutions, plus there are no long lead times or set up fees. The second overlay panel can be printed to create an overt or covert security feature. Overt by printing an image with the extra panel to create a 'watermark' feature that is faint but visible to the human eye. Covert as this image also fluoresces under UV light. The end result is an economical and efficient secure card achieved in a single print cycle.

The WrKr ribbon has been created to meet the increasing needs of flat (not embossed) bank cards by the financial industry. As more financial institutions are issuing debit / credit cards on demand, this single ribbon combines a white panel for one side of the card with a black panel for the other side resulting in a simple and economical method of printing both sides of a card in different colours.


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