Price Tags Can Be Smarter & Cheaper

Thanks to the new Evolis Price Tag solution, retailers can shorten the process when updating product information and achieve a modern, clean look for shelves and display cabinets.

The need to provide correct price and product information is one that fresh food retailers have to face daily or weekly, customers are looking for more product information on ingredients, allergens, preparation advice etc. and new European regulations require specific consumer information such as INCO regulation (Information to Consumers); EU Regulation No.1169/2011 - compulsory information on allergens contained in finished products and on meat origin and slaughter country.

The Evolis Price Tag solution gets rid of time consuming, difficult to laminate labels that are unattractive and impractical, offering the best solution to customise price tags on plastic cards in just a few seconds.

With their unique solution for creating and managing price tags, Evolis offer an innovative and original product for food retailers. This user-friendly asset makes it possible to autonomously print tags on plastic cards, allowing tags to be updated and replaced on demand at the point of sale individually, or in print runs.

With a solution that supports any requirement, Evolis intends to enhance its support to players in the food retail industry, by providing them with a simple process to design and update their product tags. This cost-efficient solution provides major savings in time, improved responsiveness in managing tags and compliance with applicable European regulations.

With this modular offering, we provide the flexibility to support any requirement, while demonstrating our ability to showcase our sound knowledge of the retail industry. Alongside price tags, plastic cards can also be printed for other applications such as loyalty cards, gift vouchers and employee badges, so that such requirements from retailers can be met in an improved and wider scope,’ says Christophe Peraudeau, Product Marketing Manager at Evolis.

Take a look at the video here for more information, and the case study here to see how people are already using the Evolis Price Tag solution and saving money.

DED offer a bundle with everything needed from Evolis to get a Price Tagging system up and running - take a look at the solution here.


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