Six Steps To Improving Your Customers Retail Experience

Evolis offer a full range of solutions for the Retail environment including plastic card printers, card design software, digital signature pads, accessories and much more!

1. First Impressions Count – Employee ID Cards
Employee data can be instantly printed or encoded via magnetic stripe on an ID badge which will also offer reliability and durability. Details such as first name, surname, photo, job title or department can be captured and displayed on an ID card which can also be combined with an access control badge to strengthen security within buildings.

2. Surprise with a Gift Card
Either at the counter or via an unattended kiosk, gift cards can be encoded, issued to customers and used immediately. Offering the potential for several different card designs (Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Good Luck etc.) and the option to completely personalise in just a few seconds, gift cards often encourage increase spend or repeat business.

3. Instant Printing of Customised Payment Cards
Evolis printers are suitable for instant issuance of payment cards, whatever the card type – including debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards. Offering an affordable solution for basic instant printing, Evolis solutions can be manual or automated and can be integrated into terminals for self-service

4. Build Stronger Customer Relationships – Signature Pads
Save time and paper through simple, easy electronic handwritten signature capture. Ensuring secure shopper or staff authentication via encrypted data transfer and biometric data capture offers substantial time savings. Automating business processes results in staff being able to spend more time with customers rather than handling paperwork.

5. Feel Rewarded – Loyalty Cards
Loyalty cards are a strategic medium for customer retention and acquisition, the perfect way to promote brands by using printed logos and/or photo-quality graphics. Offering instant issuance at the point of purchase, benefits or promotions can be offered to customers to increase the frequency of visits and means that customer data can be quickly and efficiently recorded.

6. Attractive Shelves at a Glance – Price Tags
Evolis printers enable the production of price tags with personalised designs and logos to improve brand and product recognition as well as the company image. Benefits also include the ability to print measurement units, barcodes, ingredients and allergens in a legible and hygienic way whilst offering the opportunity to adapt and update as required.


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