• 5 editions to suit different requirements
  • Card design wizard & WYSIWYG editor
  • 1D & 2D barcode printing
  • Image capture support
  • Database connectivity
  • Magnetic stripe & contactless smart card encoding support
  • Signature tablet support
  • Supports MAC OSX
  • Recommended for use with the Evolis card printers
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Price Cart Image
536-1100 CP1000 CardPresso XXS CP1000 See prices & availability
536-1101 CP1100 CardPresso XS CP1100 See prices & availability
536-1102 CP1200 CardPresso XM CP1200 See prices & availability
536-1103 CP1300 CardPresso XL CP1300 See prices & availability
536-1104 CP1400 CardPresso XXL CP1400 See prices & availability
536-1110 CP1005 CardPresso XXS To CardPresso XS Upgrade CP1005 See prices & availability
536-1111 CP1015 CardPresso XXS To CardPresso XM Upgrade CP1015 See prices & availability
536-1112 CP1025 CardPresso XXS To CardPresso XL Upgrade CP1025 See prices & availability
536-1117 CP1035 CardPresso XXS To CardPresso XXL Upgrade CP1035 See prices & availability
536-1113 CP1115 CardPresso XS To CardPresso XM Upgrade CP1115 See prices & availability
536-1114 CP1125 CardPresso XS To CardPresso XL Upgrade CP1125 See prices & availability
536-1118 CP1135 CardPresso XS to CardPresso XXL Upgrade CP1135 See prices & availability
536-1115 CP1215 CardPresso XM To CardPresso XL Upgrade CP1215 See prices & availability
536-1119 CP1225 CardPresso XM to CardPresso XXL Upgrade CP1225 See prices & availability
536-1116 CP2215 Upgrade CardPresso XL to CardPresso XXL CP2215 See prices & availability
Description Specifications Downloads

If you are a Mac user and want to produce plastic cards then CardPresso is the product for you. CardPresso offers a user friendly way to design and personalise ID cards. Capable of connecting to databases and with the ability to print 1D and 2D barcodes as well as magnetic stripe, RFID and contact smartcard encoding, CardPresso offers the ultimate tool for printing professional looking cards.

CardPresso is available in 5 editions – XXS, XS, XM, XL and XXL. XXS comes with basic card printing features including predefined templates, 1D barcode print capability, WIA/TWAIN and DirectShow acquisition as well as the ability to encode magnetic stripes. The XS and XM editions add to this functionality with the XL edition offering the most comprehensive card printing software solution. XL offers ODBC connection, RFID contactless direct encoding, multi layout card designs, operational logs and more.

CardPresso is recommended for use with the Evolis range of plastic card printers.

Software Box & Installation          
USB Key Protection
Digital Manual
Card Templates
Clipart & Shapes
Template Browser
DirectShow Image Acquisition
Image Acquisition Through Camera SDK - -
Barcodes 1D
QR Code -
Barcodes 2D - -
Face Crop - -
Variable Objects (Print Date, Print Counter etc.)
Open Image From File
Built-in Image Editor
Image Effects
Image Import From Clipart
Database Sources
Signature Acqusition
Fingerprint Acquisition - - -
Users Allowance - - -
Audit Report -
- -
User Interface          
Text Edit In Card Design
Script Tab - -
Database View
Encoding View - - -
Multi-layout Designs - - -
Print Spooler (Card by Card, All Print Operations, Wait for User etc.)
Front & Back Printing
Ethernet Printers Support
Overlay / UV / F Panel Management - - -
Batch Printing
Auto-Print - - -
Conditional Printing - - -
Web Print Server - - -
XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT Connection -
Internal Database with Photo Connection
Database Table Create & Edit
Browse & Find Records
MS Access & SQLite with Photo Field - -
Search (Query) Records - -
OLE Objects & Photo on Database Records - -
Print Through Database Record Selection - -
ODBC Connection to External Database - - -
HID Proximity Reading - - - -
Magnetic Encoding
Contact Smartcard Plugin (Run External App) - - -
Contact Smartcard Encoding - - -
Contactless Smartcard Encoding - - -
Contactless RFID encoding - - -
Internal & External RFID Encoder Support - - -
Mifare Classic & Ultralight - - -
Mifare DESFire - - - -
Free Updates
Automatic Edition Upgrades
Net License up to 16 PCs Belonging to the Same Scope and Sub-net. - - - -

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