Edikio by Evolis

  • 3 Complete Solutions Available
  • Edikio Software Includes tag templates and databases
  • Card printers in either single or dual sided, printing standard credit card sized or long cards
  • Includes white ribbon and black PVC cards
Stock No Description Manufacturers Code Available
Price Cart Image
534-230 EA2U0000BS-BS001 Edikio Access Price Tag Solution See prices & availability
534-231 ED1H0000CD-BS003 Edikio Duplex Price Tag Solution See prices & availability
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Edikio by Evolis is an all-in-one price tag printing solution

Edikio offers you everything you need to create attractive price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically directly at your point of sale. Our packs contain all you need to create and print your own price tags:

  • Price tag printers: single-sided or double-sided printing on long cards
  • Software for creating and printing price tags
  • Food-safe consumables (PVC cards and printer ribbons)



Edikio Access

The most affordable solution for single sided price tags

Edikio Flex

The flexible solution for labels on standard or long cards

Edikio Duplex

The advanced solution for dual sided labels

Type of label Labels in credit card format, single sided Long labels and credit card format labels labels in credit card format, dual sided
Label use

Fewer than 100 labels on the shelf

1 to 2 updates per year

100 to 300 labels on shelf

Several updates per year

Over 300 labels on the shelf

Weekly or daily updates

Templates grouped by trade Yes Yes Yes
Image Library Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive 'chalk handwriting' font Yes Yes Yes
Import prices from Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Yes
Automatic data update No Yes Yes
Manage product categories Yes Yes Yes
Manage product sub categories No Yes Yes
Preview of the label Yes Yes Yes
Automatic detection of tickets modified since last print cycle No Yes Yes
Protected by password No Yes Yes
Manage multi-user rights No No Yes
Printing in credit card format Yes Yes Yes
Printing in long card format No Yes No
Automatic printing on both sides No No Yes
Feeder capacity (in cards) 25 50 100
Hopper capacity (in cards) 25 25 100
LCD touchscreen No No Yes
USB Connection Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet connection No Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Consumables included
White ribbon - 500 prints Yes No No
White ribbon - 1,000 prints* No Yes Yes
Black PVC cards in credit card format 100 100 200
Black PVC cards in long format 150mm x 50mm No 100 No
* Credit card format 85.6mm x 54mm


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