TSP100 FuturePRNT Series Thermal Receipt Printer

  • Direct thermal
  • Up to 250mm per second print speed
  • 58mm or 80mm paper width
  • Receipt printing on paper of between 0.065 - 0.085mm thick
  • USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi interface
  • White, ultra white, charcoal grey or gloss piano black case
  • Tearbar and cutter versions
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, CE, 7, WePOS, OPOS, Java-POS, Linux and Mac drivers
  • Splash proof cover and display stand for vertical use options
  • 4 year warranty
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542-100 TSP143IIIU GY E+U Printer - USB (Dark Grey) - iPad Charge 39472390 See prices & availability
542-101 TSP143IIIU WT E+U Printer - USB (Ultra White) - iPad Charge 39472490 See prices & availability
542-144 TSP143U-230 Printer - USB (Dark Grey) 39461140 See prices & availability
542-110 TSP143IIECO-230-GRY Printer - USB (Dark Grey) 39464041 See prices & availability
542-111 TSP143IIECO-230 Printer - USB (White) 39464241 See prices & availability
542-109 TSP143IIECO-230-WHT Printer - USB (Ultra White) 99464511 See prices & availability
542-141 TSP143GT-230-BLK Printer - USB (Gloss Black) 39463540 See prices & availability
542-140 TSP143GT-230 Printer - USB (Gloss White) 39463440 See prices & availability
542-132 TSP143IIIW-230 GRY Printer - WLAN (Dark Grey) 39464790 See prices & availability
542-133 TSP143IIIW-230 WHT Printer - WLAN (Ultra White) 39464890 See prices & availability
542-131 TSP143IIILAN GRY E+U Printer- Ethernet (Dark Grey) 39464990 See prices & availability
542-199 TSP143IIILAN WHT E+ U Printer - Ethernet (Ultra White) 39472090 See prices & availability
542-107 TSP143IIIBI-230-GRY Printer E+U - Bluetooth (Grey) 39472190 See prices & availability
542-108 TSP143IIIBI-230-WHT Printer E+U - Bluetooth (Ultra White) 39472290 See prices & availability
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The Star TSP100 futurePRNT series is the first range of receipt printers to offer USB only receipt printing on the market today.

The power that the USB communication interface provides has allowed Star Micronics to build a software driven PoS receipt printer. The advantages of such a receipt printer are evident for applications in retail, hospitality, restaurants and convenience stores.

USB provides an immediate Plug 'n' Play installation which reduces the integration time to minutes. The TSP100 futurePRNT thermal receipt printer is provided with all standard operating systems drivers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and speciality drivers such as OPOS and JavaPOS.

The Star TSP100GT version offers a high print speed of 250mm per second combined with a high gloss piano finish.

The TSP100LAN version features an Ethernet interface with "Keep Alive" feature. This communcates with any networked host and automatically prints an error if the connection is lost due to PC / Hub failure or cable damage. In case of failure, an immediate warning is given on screen at the remote location that the printer is offline. At the printer end, a warning message is printed to notify that connection with the host has been lost.

The TSP100 ECO is an eco-friendly version of the standard TSP100U model with a host of energy and cost saving features. Its power saving mode places the printer into standby whenever the host PC goes into standby, using up to 40% less power and earning the TSP100 ECO Energy Star compliance. Paper saving features include a reduced top margin saving 8mm of paper per receipt and a "receipt on demand" tool which allows the retailer to choose whether or not a receipt is printed. Finally, the futurePRNT driver is capable of scaling an 80mm wide receipt on to 58mm wide paper without the need for any software changes. If used together, these features can use up to 70% less paper. Star has further demonstrated its commitment to the ECO by carbon offsetting the cost of manufacture and 5 years of printer use. Star has purchased Certified Emission Reduction (CERS) carbon credits derived from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects as defined by the Kyoto Protocol and registered by CDM Executive Board of UN. The carbon credits will offset the CO2 emissions emitted from the TSP100 ECO manufacturing and disposal process and projected power consumption for up to 5 years. The CERs used will then be cancelled to complete the offsetting process.

The latest addition to the industry leading TSP100 futurePRNT series, the TSP100 WLAN offers built in Wireless LAN interface included for printing over a Wi-Fi network with easy set-up, high Speed 250mm/second printing, high quality partial cut guillotine cutter (2 million cuts) and thin paper support (Min 53μm) for less frequent changes of paper rolls and reduced consumable costs - all in all, the new TSP100 WLAN offers superior connectivity and value added functionality within the same case design and footprint.

The Star TSP143IIIBI Bluetooth With built-in Bluetooth connectivity is an ideal wireless bluetooth receipt printer for retail, hospitality and tablet POS environments. It also features an AUTOCONNECT function for iOS devices (Apple iPad/iPhone) which will automatically connect the TSP100 printer when the printer is switched on or when the printer comes back into range of the device. The TSP100IIIBI Bluetooth printer features a high print speed of 250 mm / second, a high quality guillotine auto-cutter (with a cutter life 2 million cuts) and thin paper capability, benefitting not only the environment but also the user’s operating costs.

All TSP100 printers are covered by a 4 year RTB warranty.

Print Method Direct thermal
Print Speed (per second) 125mm (TSP100U, TSP100PUSB, TSP10LAN)
150mm (TSP100ECO)
250mm (TSP100GT)
Number of Columns 42, 48 or 56
Resolution 203dpi
Print Colour Red/Black, Blue/Black (special paper required)
Paper Width 58mm or 80mm
Paper Thickness 0.065mm - 0.085mm
Paper Roll Diameter Up to 83mm
Paper Loading "Drop-In & Print"
Character Set 95 ANK , 32 Int, 128 Graphic plus Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese
Emulation Star Mode, ESC/POS
Barcodes 1D, 2D, 9 versions including QR (PDF417)
Interface All models feature a selectable 'Virtual' Serial port emulator plus options for USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi or PoweredUSB
Autocutter Guillotine (Partial cut only)
Tearbar Yes
Paper Sensors Paper out sensor
Presenter No
Reliability MCBF: 60 million lines
Print head: 100km
Cutter (Guillotine): 1.5 million cuts
Power Supply Internal (optional external 24VDC on TSP100PU)
Software Drivers Windows 2000, XP, Vista, CE, 7, WePOS, OPOS, Java-POS, Linux and Mac
Dimensions (W x D x H) 142mm x 204mm x 132mm
Weight Autocutter Models (Guillotine): 1.73Kg (TSP143U), 1.76Kg (TSP143GT), 1.53Kg (TSP143PUSB), 1.72Kg (TSP143LAN)
Tear Bar Models: 1.56Kg (TSP113U), 1.59Kg (TSP113GT), 1.37Kg (TSP113PUSB), 1.56Kg (TSP113LAN)
Warranty 4 year RTB
Options Splash Proof Cover
Vertical Display Stand

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