Innovative Products From Honeywell

Introducing a few unique and different products from Honeywell, the Captuvo Enterprise Sled and the Tecton CS Industrial Cold Storage Computer

Captuvo Enterprise Sled
Helping organisations innovate the way they work. From reimagining business processes to enhancing the customer experience to improving patient care, organisations are discovering the advantages of teaming their Apple mobile digital devices with Honeywell Captuvo Enterprise Sleds.

Available for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini, Captuvo enterprise sleds protect these digital wonders and transform them into more capable, enterprise-ready devices.

Tecton CS Industrial Cold Storage Computer
The Tecton CS Mobile Computer is light enough for scan-intensive picking, yet tough enough for work in extremely cold environments – as low as -22°F (-30°C). This device features internal heaters and screen defrosters. And its special battery packs optimize operating life and usability as operators roam in and out of refrigerated environments.


Mon, December 05

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