MPoS Mobile Point of Sale

MPOS Mobile Point of Sale

The use of MPOS mobile POS has significantly increased in recent years in Retail outlets, along with the popularity of hand held and portable devices such as Apple iPads / iPods and Android tablets or smartphones. The EPOS environment has had to adapt to these changes just as quickly.

DED offer a range of MPOS solutions from leading manufacturers such as Star Micronics, Honeywell, Ergonomic Solutions (SpacePole) and CipherLab. Included in the range are a variety of mobile/portable/wireless EPOS receipt printers, WiFi barcode scanners and data collection terminals along with accessories for implementing a completely wireless POS system. Products in the SpacePole range offer ways to mount the technology utilised in Retail outlets today whilst also offering security for mobile POS devices such as tablets, iPads etc. This whole mobile POS range has been brought together with creating a seamless, wireless retail POS system in mind via a range of technologies and platforms.

A totally wireless EPOS system offers many advantages over a more traditional static POS system - with Sales staff positioned around the store free to roam, they can be maintaining the stores appearance, yet are still approachable and can easily answer queries or check stock with WiFi or Bluetooth devices. When equipped with a wireless barcode scanner, tablet and portable receipt printer they can take mobile POS to a new level by taking portable payments and printing receipts on WiFi POS printers just as effectively as staff on the main checkout using a regular EPOS system, as well as helping out with queue busting when required.

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