SP700 Series Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

  • Dot matrix / impact
  • Up to 8.9 lines per second print speed
  • 58mm, 69.5mm or 76mm paper width
  • Receipt printing on paper of between 0.06 - 0.085mm thick
  • RS232C Serial, Parallel, USB, Bluetooth, WebPRNT or WiFi interface
  • White or charcoal grey case
  • Tearbar and cutter versions
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista OPOS, Linux, JavaPOS, and Mac drivers
  • Wall mount, vertical use kit and buzzer options
  • 4 year warranty
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SP742 Cutter Models
542-970 SP742MU42-240-GRY Printer - USB (Grey) 39332540+39607910 See prices & availability
542-964 SP742MU42-240 Printer - USB (White) 39332440+39607610 See prices & availability
542-971 SP742ME42-240-GRY Printer - Ethernet (Grey) 39339441 See prices & availability
542-983 SP742ME42-240 Printer - Ethernet (White) 39330440+39607602 See prices & availability
542-969 SP742MD42-240-GRY Printer - Serial (Grey) 39332340 See prices & availability
542-968 SP742MC42-240-GRY Printer - Parallel (Grey) 39332140 See prices & availability
542-973 SP742M42-240-GRY Printer - No Interface (Grey) 39332540 See prices & availability
542-999 SP742MBi42-240-GRY Printer - Bluetooth (Grey) 39339340 See prices & availability
542-967 SP742M42-240 Printer - No Interface (White) 39332440 See prices & availability
SP742R Cutter & Rewind Models
542-994 SP742RU42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - USB (Grey) 39332940+39607610 See prices & availability
542-988 SP742RU42-240 Printer With Rewind - USB (White) 39332840+39607610 See prices & availability
542-995 SP742RE42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - Ethernet (Grey) 39332940+39607602 See prices & availability
542-989 SP742RE42-240 Printer With Rewind - Ethernet (White) 39332840+39607602 See prices & availability
542-991 SP742RD42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - Serial (Grey) 39332940+39607400 See prices & availability
542-987 SP742RD42-240 Printer With Rewind - Serial (White) 39332840+39607400 See prices & availability
542-976 SP742RC42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - Parallel (Grey) 39332940+39607411 See prices & availability
542-986 SP742RC42-240 Printer With Rewind - Parallel (White) 39332840+39607411 See prices & availability
542-910 SP742R42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - No Interface (Grey) 39332940 See prices & availability
SP712 Tear Bar Models
542-958 SP712MU42-240-GRY Printer - USB (Grey) 39330540 + 39607610 See prices & availability
542-940 SP712MU42-240 Printer - USB (White) 39330440 + 39607610 See prices & availability
542-959 SP712ME42-240-GRY Printer - Ethernet (Grey) 39330540 + 39607602 See prices & availability
542-997 SP712ME42-240 Printer - Ethernet (White) 39330440+39607602 See prices & availability
542-957 SP712MD42-240-GRY Printer - Serial (Grey) 39330340 See prices & availability
542-951 SP712MD42-240 Printer - Serial (White) 39330240 See prices & availability
542-956 SP712MC42-240-GRY Printer - Parallel (Grey) 39330140 See prices & availability
542-950 SP712MC42-240 Printer - Parallel (White) 39330040 See prices & availability
542-961 SP712M42-240-GRY Printer - No Interface (Grey) 39330540 See prices & availability
542-955 SP712M42-240 Printer - No Interface (White) 39330440 See prices & availability
SP712R Tear Bar & Rewind Models
542-965 SP712RU42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - USB (Grey) 39330940 + 3967610 See prices & availability
542-979 SP712RU42-240 Printer With Rewind - USB (White) 39330840+39607610 See prices & availability
542-954 SP712RE42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - Ethernet (Grey) 39330940 + 39607602 See prices & availability
542-980 SP712RE42-240 Printer With Rewind - Ethernet (White) 39330840+39607602 See prices & availability
542-948 SP712RD42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - Serial (Grey) 39330940 + 39607400 See prices & availability
542-952 SP712RD42-240 Printer With Rewind - Serial (White) 39330840 + 39607400 See prices & availability
542-949 SP712RC42-240-GRY Printer with Rewind - Parallel (Grey) 39330940 + 39607400 See prices & availability
542-960 SP712RC42-240 Printer With Rewind - Parallel (White) 39330840 + 542-793 See prices & availability
542-966 SP712R42-240-GRY Printer With Rewind - No Interface (Grey) 39330940 See prices & availability
542-998 SP712R42-240 Printer With Rewind - No Interface (White) 39330840 See prices & availability
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The SP700 is a revolutionary, feature rich dot matrix receipt printer that offers a wealth of benefits for bar, restaurant and kitchen receipt applications. The SP700 has a lot to offer. Featuring drop in and print easy loading paper along with a full or partial cutter, a buzzer option that alerts kitchen staff to incoming orders to ensure they never get missed, plus a space saving small footprint. A rewind option is also available.

The aesthetically pleasing curves come into their own with an easy to clean, splash resistant and compact design. Finally, the re-designed paper management system enables users to visually check receipt paper levels through a clear window on the printer - no need to open the printer to check inside.

Offering reliability and high performance as standard, the SP700 is a high speed, 9-pin high quality matrix receipt printer capable of printing in mono or two colours at speeds of up to 8.9 lines per second.

Now available - The Star HI X Connect Intelligent Interface
The Star IFBDHI01X HI X Connect Intelligent Interface - Intelligent printing for modern Cloud retail, logistics and hospitality Take advantage of all the Cloud has to offer with the TSP654II HI X Receipt Printer or be ready to upgrade with the HI X interface for an easy, future-proof upgrade of Star’s TSP654II with traditional interface or the 80/112mm label, ticket and receipt TSP743II, TSP847II and SP700 printers.

  • WiFi Ready using a compatible, locally sourced USB WiFi dongle matching the customer’s preference and budget
  • Dual Interface USB / LAN
  • Easy User Firmware Upgrade for more features coming, including future linking to AllReceipts, Star’s New Digital Receipt Service with End User App & Cloud Analytics
  • CloudPRNT internet connection through WiFi, LAN with remote document printing from your web server. Perfect for restaurant aggregation, warehousing etc.
  • WebPRNT LAN platform independent HTML /JavaScript printing from web based applications included free-of-charge
  • Peripheral Ready no PC required peripheral use including scanners with 2 USB host ports

For more information on the Star HI X Connect Intelligent Interface click here for the datasheet or here to order.

Print Method Dot matrix / impact
Print Speed (per second) 8.9 lines
Number of Columns 35 or 42
Resolution 16.9 / 14.1cpi
Print Colour Black/Red
Paper Width 58mm, 69.5mm or 76mm
Paper Thickness 0.06mm - 0.085mm
Paper Roll Diameter 85mm
Paper Loading "Drop-In & Print"
Character Set 95 ANK , 32 Int
Emulation Star Mode, ESC/POS
Barcodes No
Interface RS232C Serial, Parallel, USB, Bluetooth, WebPRNT or WiFi
Autocutter Guillotine
Tearbar Yes
Paper Sensors Paper end (near end sensor option - factory fit)
Presenter No
Reliability MCBF: 22 million lines
Autocutter: 1.5 million cuts
Power Supply Internal
Software Drivers Windows 2000, XP, Vista OPOS, Linux, JavaPOS, and Mac drivers
Dimensions (W x D x H) 160mm x 245mm x 152mm
164mm x 245mm x 152mm (rewind version)
Weight SP712: 2.96Kg
SP742: 3.18Kg
SP712R: 3.43Kg
SP742R: 3.65Kg
Warranty 4 year RTB
Options Buzzer
Wall mount / vertical use kit

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